Nake peach of all the grils


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  1. Vudotaur 3 years ago

    The absolute worst are those Asian grandmas who block the aisle with both their carts while they cluck at each other at the top of their lungs. One time I was in a really bad mood so I yelled “MOVE IT OR LOSE IT GRANDMA!!!” It scared the heck out of them lol

  2. Mazushura
    Mazushura 3 years ago

    Hello dude can i have your mail add?

  3. Gabar 3 years ago

    Makeup can only do so much 😭

  4. Moogudal 3 years ago

    Hey Kel I'm stepping away for a bit. In case you're around for a while, someone's been spamming the channel like mad with is centerlink or some such thing. I just deleted a bunch of his posts.he wouldn't stop grrrr. And I didn't know how to ban him from just an op alone :p So just a heads-up. Hope your day's off to a good start. And now I'm gone :)

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